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Adapting to change, challenges and exploring their potential





We are seeking a few CURIOUS teens, both female and male, aged 14-17yrs old to join us for our Wild by Nature Teen Mentoring Program. Mature, mindful and wild hearted teens needed!

This program includes experiences, learning and support for the teens as they venture into a potent time of natural change in their life journey. 

  • Wild Connections Weekend - 16th - 18th August - An adult weekend workshop where teens are invited to join in on learning skills and experiencing nature connection, bushcrafts and body awareness. Teens for cost price at $70 including property camping fees, communal dinners and  materials. 

  • Nature Girls Day - 25th August - A tween girls day for 9-13yr olds where teen women are invited to join as support for the younger girls and learn through experience. Teens for free. 

  • Spring Village Camp - 7th - 11th October - A mixed age village camp predominantly focused on families with children 0-13yrs. Teens are invited to be a mentor-in-training where they are able to play and learn whilst supporting the children on the camp. This role is more to model playful, wild exploration and play with the group during morning adventures whilst maintaining natural awareness of and supporting those younger than them to grow and play. There will be opportunities to partake in some adult activities and evening challenges. It will be lots of fun and a little edgy! Teens for $100 in exchange for taking part in camp and adventure, mentor training from older mentors, some adult activities and communal dinners. 

  • Teens Weekend - a weekend camp out for teens… more details soon!​​


An adaptable weekly program that runs over 6-8 sessions in which children are engaged in experiences that connect them with themselves, each other and the natural worlds they live in. It would take place within, and be based around adventures and experiences in a natural place (e.g. natural playground areas, parks, beaches etc). It would foster natural connections by combining elements of story, play, movement, challenge, skills, shared learning, creativity and sensory awareness. There is a strong emphasis on creating a culture of belonging, sovereignty, support and sharing.


It has links to most areas of the Australian Curriculum - particularly Science, Wellbeing, Spirituality (earth connection), PDHPE and Humanities, and can be adapted to any age group, even better mixed-age to promote peer learning and mentoring/leadership skills.

General Capabilities 

Critical and Creative thinking - through group and individual learning challenges that demand such thinking

Personal and Social Capability - through sharing circles, group based learning and mindfulness activities

Ethical Understanding - through developing a positive and empowered relationship to their natural environment and the earth.

Cross Curriculum Priorities

Sustainability - a strong emphasis on understanding, appreciating and being a custodian of their local and global environment.

Contact us for more information on how we can tailor it to meet the needs of you school or learning community.


With a wealth of experience working with people of all ages, our team members are able to provide one-on-one mentoring with nature connection as a basis for personal health, growth and empowerment. It might be through nature walks, crafts, natural movement, ocean play, resting or over the phone. It is a way of connecting you with your deepest needs, something we are passionate about. We can tailor sessions to suit your body and curiosities.Check out our team page for our skill-set and see where you are drawn.

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