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Meet the Team

Diversity brings strength


Mahli Hawke

Founder, facilitator, storyteller

Mahli was raised on the edge of the city and the ocean, and has spent his life trying to find how to dance between both worlds. Following on from a career in primary school teaching he has spent the last 5 years deepening his understanding of nature connected culture through attending, supporting and holding courses, workshops, events, camps and talks around deep nature connection. His passion is co-creating village culture, and weaving story and play in to experiences that connect people with each other and the land. He is also passionate about recreating healthy masculine culture, and supporting young boys in their passage to manhood.


Clio Doughty

Eco-arts and crafts, therapeutic connection

Clio is an experienced, passionate and gifted facilitator of nature-based craft, art and culture. Clio has studied art-therapy, yoga, mindfulness and more. She uses her skills for group and individual and group connection for all ages. Clio's crafts include eco-printing, cordage, weaving and eco-art. She has a gentleness and warmth that puts people at ease and inspires them to look deeper at the earth around them through creativity.

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Jake Clapson

MovNat coach and mentor

At just 19 Jake has more experience than most with nature-based movement practices. He has devoted his teen years to understanding and developing his ability to interact with, move through and utilise the natural environment (including humans). Through his MovNat training, and years of studying movement and self-defence, as well as his time supporting and leading nature connection camps and workshops, he has developed a unique and powerful approach to nature-based movement and mentoring. He is particularly interested in working with boys, teens and men and helping empower them as active agents within their world.

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Doris Hasslocher GP

Wild health guide

As a doctor, Doris has traveled the world and spent time in some of the wildest regions caring for peoples of all creeds and colours. When she felt for herself the impacts of declining health she began a long fascinating journey of exploration, study and self-experimentation in the realms of ancestral health in all its aspects. By exploring various movement practices, including studying and qualifying as a Feldenkrais practitioner and MovNat coach, Doris has spent countless hours researching and testing approaches to healing and wholing our bodies into a place of natural balance, based on our natural, evolutionary needs within our modern context. 
Doris is now passionate about helping others find their own balance and power with a fully functioning, fighting fit body. Her approach is one of patience and persistence, care and compassion, and balance and belief. It is healing just to sit and talk with her...
For info on guidance, one-on-one or group restorative movement and health practices, get in contact.

Ei Yang

Ei Yang is a nature connection facilitator and caterer with a passion for bushcraft, wild & traditional foods and spiritual growth. Through her daily life and work, Ei explores and advocates for traditional approaches to food preparation, bush cooking, sprouting, fermentation and preservation with the use of locally grown, fresh and nutritionally dense ingredients. She is also able to facilitate tanning, cordage, wild edibles and other nature skills workshops.

Wild foods, skills and catering
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