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Our story...

A Wild by Nature Tail

"Not all those who wander are lost..."

"Like so many others, after shedding life as I knew it... and following my furry nostrils around the world, I found myself in unlikely places, doing unlikely things that felt more right than anything I had ever imagined. What surprised me most was that it was the simplest of nature's gifts that filled my grail of longing... surfing, learning, playing and teaching in a small village on the coast of Guatemala, gathering with an intimate pack of 'wolves' and reconnecting with our inner child in the woods of Devon (WildWise UK), or wandering through the bush with wonderous children at Bluegum Bushraft (NSW) and returning to the village fire for stories and magic. These experiences awoke in me something I had long forgotten, but somehow always knew was there. Since then it has been my life's calling to seek out this feeling, and, in collaboration, offer it to others."

Mahli Hawke, founder of WbN.

Wild by Nature draws on many schools, teachings and approaches to human development, focusing on those that our ancestral bodies and minds are designed for - essentially Connected, Nature-Based Village Culture. Gratitude and respect goes out to our major influences and teachers including Chris Salisbury - WildWise and Schumacher College in the UK, the 8 Shields Institute (US), Nature Philosophy Australia, Claire Dunne (Nature's Apprentice), Bluegum Bushcraft, Tom Brown Jnr, Sal Gencorelle (Helper's Mentoring Society), Wildcraft Australia, Bill Plotkin, MovNat, Moshe Feldnekrais, wild nature his/her amazing self and all the children, families, wanderers, elders and ancestors of this land and Earth whom have been part of our journey.

We work as a team and collaborate with other people, groups and organisations to offer participants the chance to experience the wilds within and without by creating a culture of healthy connectedness. This might be through storytelling, wild play-shops, natural movement/health/mindfulness sessions, wild-skills and creativity, family camps, festivals, special events, celebrations or through ongoing one-on-one mentoring. We can also hold team/group culture building experiences, retreats etc...

It is all based on the philosophy that we are indeed Wild by Nature; and that we only need the right culture around us for that wild nature to flourish (with a little guidance and encouragement). This is not the destructive wildness we might think of in modern culture; but the connected, confident and compassionate Wild One that knows what it means to be deeply connected to people and the land. And how to have a good time!

SO come and play with us at one of our events, or contact us for any wild experiences you might like brought to you... awoooooooh!

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