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According to a recent story on the ABC, it seems the insects of Australia are disappearing. The unheralded mega-force of our global organism. Perhaps no surprise, but it sparks my curiosity. Our Monday Mystery this week holds so much magic as a species and as a family; the world's most invaluable creature according to Earthwatch, the bee, is a creature worthy of great respect and admiration... There are so many links and lessons to learn about connected culture through these amazing beings. Hives creating super organisms who use miraculous forms of communication and teamwork to ensure their survival.

Here as Spring hits, the Australian stingless bees are moving into their most active month. Their colonies will swell in size for September. They will work tirelessly for the greater good, according to their natural design. SO what of our natural design? And our 'greater good'?

Unlike most animals, humans have been given the gift, and curse, of choice. At least to some degree. And through the unrestrained imagination that we hold we have created something the gods might even marvel at... maybe. Of course it seems we are heading towards some pretty unpredictable but likely challenging global restructuring. And it will indeed be those same imaginations that will need to re-create a culture that can live with the natural world, if we can preserve enough of it. It remiof a story I learnt from Cherie at Speaking in Colour about how some First Australians died when they encountered the stinging European bee and falling from trees. They then had to learn a new dance and story to share, so that this wouldn't keep happening... we may need a new dance and story too. If so then I invite us to turn to the bees; and to the ability to operate in 'hives', human scale villages where we are able to meet our needs for human development and fulfilment... whilst supporting the greater ecology we are part of. But more than that, we can turn to our own wild nature, our own unique and collective imaginations, perhaps by reconnecting with the mind of a child, and play with possibilities for our future. With the coming Spring, we might return to the playful world of children and animals, connect with a village, explore what it feels like to live a life of purpose and joy. No doubt nature will support you to do so... and you will be grateful for it. In connection, Mahli

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