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Dawn in the City by Karen Fermin

this bird always there somewhere

calling in the day

we watch and listen the trees and I

as the sun arrives

Hello all

I write this from Newtown Sydney, as the sun is setting and the evening bird (a currawong I think) sings its song. I also hear a cricket in the wall of our house (a thrilling new visitor), and the sound of cars passing by.

I’d like to share a story from my sitspot.

I’m blessed to have a verandah attached to our apartment from which I can see the sunrise. Ever since my first Wild by Nature/Wildcraft Camp some 3+ years ago I have watched the sunrise more often than not.

I remember coming home from my first camp at wombat flat, facilitated by Nikki & Mahli, and wondering how I could go back to living between 4 walls again. I wanted to be outside. To sleep outside with only a thin veil between myself and the earth & sky. So from that time, when I awoke restless at 3, 4 or 5am I would move a thin mattress, my pillow and my doona out onto the verandah and fall back to sleep, peacefully. Held by all that surrounded me. And that became my sitspot.

That first year I was there through every season, only staying inside when it was wet. And even then, I would go outside if it was only sprinkling lightly. In winter I rugged up and met the cold. After being with those first 4 seasons I felt more connected - to myself, to place, to all. I no longer needed to sleep the final few hours outside. But I continued to really need to meet the sun each morning as it rose. It gave me such strength. When travelling I would do the same - meet the sun wherever I was.

These days I share my early mornings between being outside and in my bed. I still wake early. I still watch/feel the sunrise most mornings whether outside or through the window in my room. And I still feel myself waking up as dawn breaks.

Mahli and Nikki... my deepest gratitude to you both for what you shared and awoke in me. Thank you for your passion and teachings.

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