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This Village Life

We are not long returned from what was another rich and powerful WbN Village Camp...

Looking back, it seems almost like a dream…. From funky fungi and leprechaun treasures, to galloping goats and shapeshifting Raven witchery... the land offered up a wealth of fantastical adventures! Memories and stories that will stay with me for some time.

Morning sunsets lit up the eastern sky, welcoming in the dawn to the symphony of our feathered friends, gracing our place on the ridge at the edge of the Barringtons. They would soon be joined by the sound of playing children, music and the gathering of our village for our morning circle.

Each day offered up it's own vibrant mix of adventures and opportunities: wild exploration of the land, weaving, crafting, carving, spinning fire by friction, meditation and wild awareness, all sorts of treasure hunting including traditional 'Easter' eggs (eco-dyed the night before), and more, so much more... And when the sun burnt the western sky into the ashes of night and the stars and full moon emerged, we gathered by the fire for amazing food, wild stories, songs and an opportunity to embrace the darkness for a night adventure. All this possible because of the diversity and heart-felt commitment of everybody who came. Possible thanks to Gringai Woman Sharon Edgar-Jones. And of course, the ancient land, its many beings and the mystery that moves through it all...

It is big work, sometimes the chaos and uncertainty that this type of experience manifests can seem too much... but then out of chaos emerges beauty, like rainbows out of rain clouds, and we realise why we do it. The smiles and stories of the children. The depth of gratitude from parents. The sense of connection that grows and flows through us...

Returning to the 'modern' world can be a jolt, quite a shift in gears... often accompanied by some tears. A grief of sorts for the loss of something that is hard to describe. Something that has to be experienced to be understood. But all is as it should be, and we grow, deepen and evolve each time we journey through these camps together. My wild heart is tender, but grateful.

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