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Adults and Wanderers

Change-makers, parents, educators, counselors, wanderers, musicians, artists, lovers, fighters, humans…JOIN US

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You are invited to take part in a practical, playful, potent and purposeful learning around Deep Nature Connection (DNC), mentoring and village building on Friday 16th - Sunday 18th August.

We will introduce the fundamental principles, practices and philosophies of DNC, inspired by our own experience and the work of others such as John Young and the 8 Shields institute, Tom Brown Jnr and Nature Philosophy, WildWise and Schumacher College in the UK, immersions in Yolngu culture in Arnhem Land and much more.






These trainings can help individuals and groups develop routines for nature connection and connected culture, as well as learning to provide this for others. By first establishing routines of nature connection, then looking at how to mentor this in others (with a village-based model) we can deepen our sense of belonging and empowerment within our community and land. Be it organisational, corporate, school or familial. Join a training event or request one for your organisation/community.


Whether its fire making, natural movement, cordage, weaving, eco-dying, tanning, nature crafts, knife use/carving, wild edibles, shelter building or a combination, we can offer skills workshops with a difference.


Our workshops are based on an approach that embeds skills within a culture of connection. Participants can be immersed in story, games, group/individual challenges, shared learning circles and place-based awareness - and everything is offered in an invitational, supportive and playful (light and serious) atmosphere. 


See our team profiles for a wealth of skills and offerings - or make a request.


Join us for all ages camp where the whole village is invited! Parents, teens, wanderers and kids explore nature and community in guided activities together and apart. 


With a wealth of experience working with people of all ages, our team members are able to provide one-on-one mentoring with nature connection as a basis for personal health, growth and empowerment. It might be through nature walks, crafts, natural movement, ocean play, resting or over the phone. It is a way of connecting you with your deepest needs, something we are passionate about. We can tailor sessions to suit your body and curiosities.Check out our team page for our skill-set and see where you are drawn.

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