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Hullo Wild Ones,

Here is an invitation to explore what brings your wild heart alive; wandering with soul in the empowering presence of wild nature and bringing our stories to a committed pack of muddy-pawed, furry-eared companions. Not to find answers as such, but definitely to dance our questions in the mysteries of nature. Have our beating hearts witnessed, and reflected back to us in their battle-scarred radiance.

Program format:

It is a 5 week journey to the cycle of the moon (dark to dark). We provide a weekly email with audio recording (guided Wandering Practice and a Mythopoetic Musing). These recordings are conjured up as we journey, and carry the presence of the world, astrology and mythic/poetic imagination, as well as the dynamics of the group. Each week there is a Thursday Soul Cafe call from 12:30-13:30, and a Sunday Council from 20:00-21:45 (both in EST). Participants can join for audio only, however we ecncourage the depth that comes from sharing in circle.

The program is facilitated by Mahli Hawke and Rikki-Anne, both experienced in a range of nature-based embodmiment and teaching practices.

Previous participants have commented in the suprisingly profound nature of this program, particularly the online councils; we are excited to offer something intimate and from the depths of our own hearts in a world we feel needs it.



$200 full $150 concession for both the audio materials and online calls,

$100/$75 audio only.


The next amble begins with the Aquarian new moon, week beginning Feb 8th, and concludes at the end of that moon cycle, March the 14th. Calls happen Thursday and Sunday of each week.

Enticed? Curious? Suspicious? Wonderful. All is welcome as long as it is from that part of yourself you call home. That is the part that the world is hungry for.

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